Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Blog Anniversary

Ayay, I totally forgot my blog has turned 5 years old last 20 March.

Wow, it has been that looooong?

My sincerest thanks to those who still have the patience to visit my blog despite my erratic posting of late. I will try to get back to my blogging duties soon.

Mmmwah, bitches.


Mel Beckham said...

Happy anniversary Ate G!


Anonymous said...

congratulations on the 5th anniversary of your one of those people who constantly visit your amazing blog. please keep on writing.

See you tomorrow at Rexona Gomorraäs bday party. Sawasdee ka!

Trisha AgbAYANI

Luis Batchoy said...

Happy Anniversary Kawadjan!

Kiks said...

happy anniversary, k!


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