Monday, May 23, 2011


I remember those days when there was once a very active blogging "community". It should've been about four years ago when I felt that I could hardly catch up on reading the blogs I regularly follow.

It was exciting to read people who shared my interests on a host of things and I also admired how well they articulate their thoughts. I made friends with a good number of Pinoy bloggers and God knows where that has brought me.

I cleaned up my blog roll yesterday and it was sad that many of the bloggers I used to follow avidly have been left stagnant. I deleted these inactive blogs. Meanwhile, many active blogs are updated erratically, or at least the frequency of new entries have considerably dwindled.

Which brings me to wonder, is blogging (almost) dead? Was it just one of those passing fads that have come and gone?

It might very well be, and two of the culprits of its demise are Facebook and Twitter. Who cares to write a proper post when you can just update your Facebook account with "So and so is..."? You can also upload all your holiday photos without writing much about the weather or cuisine there. Or using your iPhone anywhere you can to tell people whether you liked a movie or not via Twitter, all in 140 characters?

Because my motivation for blogging then was to update my friends and family what I've been up to, Facebook has definitely become a more convenient alternative to those lengthy blog posts. Commenting is also instant, thus, interaction is more dynamic. I've even treated Twitter like a chatroom with friends from all over aside from my mundane (and really stupid) updates on what I'm having for dinner or how many laps I did in the pool today.
So for many months now my blog has functioned as my bookmark. I open it to check which blogs I follow have been updated, courtesy of my blog roll. (But lately, I've been using Google Reader more frequently and it's definitely far more convenient.)

Laziness in blogging always prevails these days. I used to go out of the house precisely because I want to blog about something, say a new exhibition, movie, or shopping place. At times, I felt like I was a journalist, armed with a small notebook and a camera. Even before I sat down to write a post, I've already developed an outline of the post in my head along with an idea of what photos go with it. I even took notes whenever I read a book to help me write a decent comment the next day. Blogging also made me a keen observer of what my friends are doing and saying, all in the hope of getting some good material to write about. I used to list a number of topics under the heading "stuff for the blog".

I miss the discipline of writing though, of attempting to put my thoughts into words (albeit mostly unsuccessfully), or just plainly bitching about minor things (at least that was cathartic, no?).

But that's a lot of hard work, mind you. I reached a point of shameless indolence, and Facebook and Twitter proved to be alternatives to serious research and thinking.

It's no comfort of course that I'm not alone in this lackadaisical attitude to blogging. If I can only shake each blogger I miss reading back to their senses , I would. Then, I also understand why they have opted for Facebook or Twitter in lieu of blogging.

I'm not taking that direction though despite my apparent dearth of posts. I am still very much sentimental of this blog (and it still gives me a good reason to write), hence, it's going to stay. Fuck Facebook.


id said...

haha, i agree - that FB has somewhat killed blogging. but there is nothing like the comfort of anonymity that blogging can give.

i think it largely depends on why the authors started blogging in the first place...

Lyka Bergen said...

Revive natin teh! Im starting to say "Tse" again. And I hope your returning pout stays... in your face! Chows!

Mel Beckham said...

I miss my earlier blogging days where I'm always excited to blog about something and read other blogs too.

There's also a newer batch of bloggers that I cannot relate na.

I feel old.

Gayzha said...

i agree 101.... blogging is an art in itself and it is a great motivator for great and lazy writers like u and moi to achieve more .... so back to blogging na tayong lahat ... please lang !!!

Was Once said...

I let life happen, and thus the blog will follow. Instead of letting blogging direct life much like an old journal on your bed stand.

Gossip Girl TS said...

I am guilty!

But now that I have more than enough time I shall continue terrorizing office gals with loads of explosive gossips!

Sawasdee ka!

kiel estrella said...

hay naku kawadjan - you are such an influence. o hayan. nag-blog na ulit ako. tenchu.

Style Anywhere said...

agree! i started blogging with writings, making reviews, essays then after 2 years, naging photos na lang. but i still prefer the writing, more personal way of blogging. sana, d nga mawala ung interest sa blogging.

Dawn Selya said...

Blogging is a job in itself... you need to have time for it. Eh for us with very toxic schedule, not to mention hectic lifestyle, where is the time to do this? Writing is still a passion for me but blogging has become such a chore sometimes... dilemma!\

But I hope we all keep blogging kahit paminsan minsan


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