Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Asian Beauties for Miss Universe 2011

This is it. I don't think any introduction is needed because any self-respecting gay man would know it's that time of the year again when our adrenalin levels are off the roof leading to the coronation night of the Miss Universe.

As usual, I will limit my bitching to the girls of Asia. I simply don't have time to do the African, European, and especially the Latina beauties.

I don't have any solid basis for my opinions except for their official photos and short interviews (posted on Youtube). Well that only accounts for ten percent of my judgement; the other ninety percent being based on my untrammeled meanness.

So let's get this over with, no?

Miss China

Girl's got a hot body and she knows how to use it. I don't understand the big hair though, which along with the drag queen make up, has swallowed her delicate features. A pink gown for a beauty pageant has not helped any one win the crown, unless it's prom queen she's vying for.

Miss Indonesia

She's actually my second favorite Asian girl this year. She's quite smart in her interview, albeit her answers are a tad too predictable. Her photos are always dynamic, but the gown with the curtain fabric has to be burned ASAP. Her best photo in the set is the beauty shot; look how minimal make up brings out her eyes.

Miss India

India often sends very striking and super intelligent girls. For some reason, this year their representative bores me.

Miss Japan

Isn't she cuuute? Her "dancing" photos are superb and clearly one of the best in the bunch this year. Her other photos seem to say she's approachable and easy-going, which are always good to have in beauty queens. Her interview confirms that she has a bubbly personality, so I'm definitely rooting for Miss Japan.

Miss Korea

Oh please. Next.
Miss Malaysia

I've never noticed any of Malaysia's past representatives except this year. I swear she's my favorite Asian girl. She's amazingly articulate, and she reminds me so much of Lara Dutta (Miss Universe 2000). What fault can I find in her photos, aber? I am crossing my fingers Miss Malaysia wins the crown this year.

Miss Philippines

Shamcey does nothing for me in the photos, especially in the dancing photo in which she looks a bit deranged. Her beauty shot is outstanding though, she looks genuinely happy to be there. But the pink gown? What did I tell you about them and prom queens? Better call Pitoy Moreno for a replacement!

Miss Singapore

Nothing about her excites me, to be honest. And you can tell she hangs out a lot with her gay friends, based on her pose in the evening gown. Isn't that sooo Mutya ng Pilipinas 1992?

Miss Sri Lanka

This woman, on other hand, needs gay friends.

Miss Thailand

Gurrrlll, get rid of those false eyelashes! Now! Miss Thailand is rather memorable for me because in her video interview she said she wants to become a plankton. How original! Should be exciting what she could think of during the Q&A on pageant night. Meanwhile in the evening gown photo, I love the edginess of the studded leggings but the color easily brings the garment to bubblegum territory.

Miss Vietnam

I don't know... Miss Vietnam this year does not excite me. Her interview was rather tepid, her photos lack oomph; except for the evening gown one. Diaphanous gowns that flow well, which she ably demonstrated above, have been big hits in the Miss Universe of late, so let's see if this girl wins by the gown.


Dawn Selya said...

Bitchy! haha... I agree with all your assessment but I'm wondering can Asia really take the crown this year? I hope so but I doubt it. More MU posts please... I'm off the roof getting excited this early!

Lyka Bergen said...

Asia has a good chance with China. She's getting raves in Brazil so far. Controversial ang bruha. But she doesnt impress me that much.

Our Philippines is plain vanilla. Her inclusion to the fave lists by some websites are probably from Filipino Bakla all over who votes with biases. Chos lang! I know. I like her too, because she is Philippines! But, ... hmmm she doesn't excite me as Venus did last year.

Malaysia looks old to me.

Thailand looks ticky-tacky. Vietnam, too.

Indonesia always send beautiful delegates but the problem is, they're too conservative for the Miss U glory.

Japan has the It factor. Unlike, the Indonesian beauties, they dont look that beautiful but they're FIERCE. And that's how it should be.

So I'll go for Japan. But China will do good though. I bet. Pls lang!

MIss Universe 2011 online said...

Me too I will go for japan for this upcoming Miss Universe 2011, new found pleasure for all the people of Japan good luck to this beauty pageant

SHELU89 said...

now who's the plain vanilla???

Philippines is the best placement for Asia this year (again)


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