Friday, October 14, 2011

In Chiang Mai

I finally have the chance to update this long-neglected blog. It had been a super busy September at work for me, extending all the way to last week when my colleagues and I headed to Chiang Mai for a forum and then a meeting.

We spent the first three days in the Chiang Dao, about an hour from Chiang Mai. We attended a forum of performance artists from all over the world, and the venue was a compound of several houses and performance spaces. The best part of the venue is the lush rice fields surrounding it and the tall mountains rising in the horizon. 

We also stayed in this resort close to the foot of a hill. I had a small hut to my self, and it's just perfect because it did not have television or air-conditioning. The weather was mostly cool, and the place was so calm and silent except for the occasional sound of geckos. Too bad we did not have enough time to enjoy the resort because we had late nights at forum.

After Chiang Dao, we moved on to Chiang Mai where I was holed in a dark recording studio for two days. The first day was particularly long, the recording stretched all the way to about ten at night. And then when we returned to the hotel we did not have any energy left. Too bad because I haven't been to Chiang Mai in two years and there's really a lot of places there to hang out in.

Now I remember that we went to the Sunday night market, but it was so crowded for me to enjoy it. I was lucky though to find a little oil painting of a rooster, which I got for only ten dollars.


Lyka Bergen said...

Kay tagal mo ng nawala... tse!

Kiks said...

love Chiangmai. beautiful photos.


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