Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And there's always Diana Krall

For some reason I always run to this song whenever I hit these little snags in life. I remember posting this as well four years back because there's always some comfort in telling your self that in love you win some and then lose some. It's often certain in relationships that when you love you also get hurt eventually. It's the natural progression of relationships.  When things fall apart, and after the initial doubts and perhaps the onslaught of nagging questions, as well as the pain, we just have to live with it and move on.

"Why Should I Care"

Was there something more I could have done?
Or was I not meant to be the one?
Where's the life I thought we would share?
And should I care?

And will someone else get more of you?
Will she go to sleep more sure of you?
Will she wake up knowing you're still there?
And why should I care?

There's always one to turn and walk away
And one who just wants to stay
But who said that love is always fair?
And why should I care?

Should I leave you alone here in the dark?
Holding my broken heart
While a promise still hangs in the air
Why should I care?


Lyka Bergen said...

Getting over a break-up takes time. Warning: there can be some dark days ahead. But there are people who care about you.... like us, ur sisters. Reach out! And please.... give yourself permission to be sad and angry. Pls lang! And remember... Maganda ka ... like Diana Krall! Tse!

Was Once said...

By now you've probably figured out songs are about love lost or love found, a crazy messed up world or a beautiful world...flip a coin. If you get "heads down" you pretty much assume that it will play itself out until you forget. Or some fun upbeat song is heard and you are tickled and wondered what really bothered you so much.

Kiks said...

mas maganda sya kay Diana Krall. she can sing better, though.

hugs to you dear. and remember, care.

pat said...

Listen to Diana Krall all you want but whatever you do, don't listen to Adele's 21 muna. If you do your little snag will become a big, fat major heartbreak. Big and fat like Adele! Hugs.


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