Monday, January 21, 2008


While walking around Central World last Saturday night with the Pranses, he asked what time it was on my watch. I gave him the time on my cellphone. We both realized that his time was about 14 minutes late to mine, which pretty much explained why I always arrive early when we arrange a rendezvous. Right there he adjusted the time setting on his cellphone to exactly synchronize with mine.

Me blushes.

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Mr RM said...

Aww... so sweet!

kawadjan said...

it is indeed!

Kiks said...

me blushes too.

pag naging angel ako, yan ang mga moments na lagi kong kukunan ng pichur.

nakakakilig. ever.

fuchsiaboy said...

anu nga mare ang brand ng shampoo mo? mane & tail ba yun?

kawadjan said...

kiks: salamat po acheng. cute no?

don: don't tell me umabot na naman ang hair ko sa siem reap?! gasp!

Anonymous said...

ang haba haba ng hair mo brother!
i can't wait to meet the pranses! hahaha

kawadjan said...

abot ba sa surigao ako buhok yot? i wish! love ya!


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