Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Gay Holiday

I found my self in Puerto Galera last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for what is to be my first trip since I moved to Manila a few months ago. Everybody must've been in Puerto that time coz the beach was fully packed with pulsating bodies trying to get a spot on the hot sand.

With me on this "Holy WeeK" trip were Joven, Candice, and Archie. Joven was a classmate in college and the other two I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time during that trip.

The legend is true afterall that fags of all shapes and sizes converge in Puerto during the Holy Week break (which makes the whole affair far from "Holy"). I remarked to Joven that if and when a bomb or tsunami hit the beach during that time the entire gay population of Manila would be decimated.

With the rest of the entire fag populace, our time at the beach was spent eating and basking in the sun. I even had a massage right on the beach. The old lady lathered coconut oil all over my body. So I asked her to apply sand on my skin for added exfoliation.

Evening was spent for hedonism. Well not exactly extreme hedonism but more of drinking in the sand and gyrating in house music which every bar was blasting with. I've never been squashed by yummy, half-naked bodies that way. But it stops right there (uy defensive!). The loser that I am, I kept to my self all the time. Good boy daw oh!

After lunch last Saturday, we headed back to Batangas for the bus ride back to Manila. We arrived in Manila at about 8pm and two hours later I was at work.

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