Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Standing on My Head

Ever since moving to Manila, Sarah and I have been doing yoga almost every weeked in UP in the middle of the UP lagoon no less. We have been practicing ashtanga since we learned it in Davao a couple of years ago.

We went to a hatha yoga session at the ELJ Building last Saturday morning where Lisa was teaching. Hatha yoga is certainly different from ashtanga coz the former is more fluid and the breathing was shorter.

It was a lovely class of about ten ladies. Shiela Coronel of PCIJ was even there (or so I thought it was Shiela). We had Indian music and incense wafting in the air; with a view of QC from the 13th floor meditation room.

The most surprising thing about that session was how I actually managed to do the headstand, although I was still leaning on the wall. Lisa coaxed me to do it even if I was dead sure that I couldn't. The next thing I know I was standing on my head. It was strange... because everything looked upside down. Hehehe.

Sarah, I believe, could have easily done the head stand if only she did not have her damn period that day (and I actually thought she had her menopause already!).

The session was a pricey P300 per class. And commuting to QC every week can be hassle as well. So the kind Lisa gave me a couple of contact numbers for iyenggar yoga classes in Makati. They both still cost the same price as Lisa's class.

I have stopped smoking since that weekend as I'm planning to take yoga more seriously. Thank god for the head stand, I'm seeing possibilities in front of me lately.

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