Saturday, April 29, 2006


The fag Joven and I went to Bed last night. By Bed standards, the place was not packed. But of course there were still the handful of Manila's fags (like us) having fun in the now cavernous dance floor. Go-go boys were perched on ledges, gyrating to the music like their lives actually depended on it.

I had fun. Went home at around 4am


Summer has been hellish for my sister and I. Our appartment faces west and by 11 in the morning it can really get hot... as in nasty hot. We figured we need heavier curtains to minimize sun seepage (if there's such a thing). So my sister and I scoured the ukay-ukay shops around our area. We ended up buying this heavy table cloth that could serve as a curtain. We have yet to put on (duh, we need to send it to laundry first) but hopefully this would ultimately end our summer woes.

Tutay, by the way, went back to Davao last Thursday. She was our roommate for about a couple of months. But when UP Mindanao called her to teach in the Social Science department, the next thing we know she's flying back to Davao already. Well, we are happy for her of course and wish her nothing but the best.


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