Thursday, May 25, 2006

May Twenty-five

My Mom celebrated her birthday three days ago. I was able to greet her on the phone after my shift, which was about 7am. I miss her to death.

She can talk about some of the most nonsensical things about our relatives or Surigao in general and I enjoy listening to her chismis. She also has this recurring reminders about my sister and I eating properly or that we get enough rest or that we take vitamins.

For instance, when my sister and I moved in to our new apartment and we told her that we are on the fourth floor she reminded us to be careful in going up and down the stairs. My sister and I could only explode in a fit of laughter.

Having practically let go of us (in the good sense of course) for years now, I believe my mom has felt that she's losing control or supervision of her children. And somehow reminding us about the most inane things in life makes her feel that she has at least regained a semblance of oversight. Such guidance notwithstanding, she pretty much leaves us alone to fend for ourselves.

It's what I clearly appreciate about my parents. They have pretty much given us the independence to become our own persons. The trust they give us as well is for me the greatest comfort a son can have.

I had a job interview with this consultancy organization a couple of days ago. Their office is in Intramuros, just a block away from the Manila Cathedral. It was not the kind of interview that I expected. I felt judged rather than them focusing on my competencies.
I couldn't care less if I don't get the job.
I'm so tired of my current job though. I miss living a regular life.
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