Sunday, May 14, 2006

All About My Mothers

It's Mothers' Day and it is but proper for us to thank all our mothers. I'm so fortunate that I count more than one mother in my life. Indeed, I want to devote this entry to thank the mothers who have shaped me and inspired me in more ways than one.

For Mommy, for giving me the courage to face the world. All the best things about me is because of you. I shall forever make you proud of the person that I am and the person that I would be.

Thanks for showing me the purest essence of love and sacrifice.

For my one and only Nanay, for giving me the gift of your warm embrace that shall always carry me through the hardest periods of my life. And I shall always know that there's you who I can turn to when all that I need is unadulterated comfort.

For Daisy, the mother who I was blessed with in Davao, for entirely welcoming me in the warmth of her spirit. Thanks for touching my life in ways that no one can imagine.

For Sarah, for giving strength a new meaning. You know how much I admire your fortitude and tenacity. More than a friend and a mother, I have a feeling that we were meant to be sisters.

For Grace, for being my mentor and cheerleader all this time. I shall forever cherish your insights on life and if I need a good, rational mind, I know you are the first person who I should call.

For Joyce, for the wonderful moments and, of course, memories. I think of you all the time and would not stop doing so because you taught me to take risks. You'll never know how empowering that can be for a lost soul like me.

For Yolly, for giving me the reason to stay in my previous job but who still supported me when I knew I had to move on. I shall always look up to you for your steadfast approach to life.

I love you all.

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