Friday, May 12, 2006

Rain... Feel It On My Fingertips... Hear It On My Windowpane

"At 2:00 p.m. today, Tropical Storm "CALOY" was estimated based from satellite, radar and surface data at 150 kms northeast of Guiuan, Eastern Samar or 270 kms east southeast of Catarman, Northern Samar (11.7°N, 127.0°E) with maximum sustained winds of 95 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 120 kph. It is forecast to move west northwest at 19 kph." --

And so the rainy season has begun. I am definitely one of the few people who were elated when I saw the first heavy clouds looming in the horizon a few days ago. When it actually started to rain I reveled at the sight of water droplets from the sky for the first time since the long summer months coomenced.

I know to some people rain can be a hassle, but definitely not for me. I love rain. Not only do I enjoy the cool weather but walking under rain is one immense rapturous pleasure to me. It's an act of irreverence too.

Growing up in Surigao where the weather is 80% wet, rain is part of normal life. Back in high school, we had three straight months of rain. The sun barely came out. Everyday we faced floods when going to school. The cold weather was a blessing for me though. It was a time to stay indoors and sleep on weekends.

No wonder I'm always reminded of home when it rains.

When we were younger, there were times as well when my sister and I would just go out in our underwear and play under the rain. We'd go back inside our house when our fingers were all wrinkled and our lips were blue.

I also remember playing in the rain in the middle of the wide tidal flats in Siargao. I was with my cousins and my sister. It was damn cold with the Pacific wind blowing fiercely. Lightning flashed right above us but we were delighted by it instead, oblivious to its real danger. We stayed under the rain for about half an hour. It was not until our grandma rushed to the beach to literally pull us out of the water when the fun was rudely cut off. We were not allowed to go out of the house for several days.

Davao's weather I did not enjoy that much because year-round the it is just too pleasant. I did not buy any umbrella in my four years stay there coz there was hardly any need for one.

Now I think I have to buy an umbrella pronto. I have also to bring out my jackets and sweaters and raincoats.


I met Meredel at Gateway earlier. It has become our ritual to see each other during the full moon (or at least somewhere around the time of the full moon coz technically, the full moon is still tomorrow). Meredel and I have made it our habit to simply sit down and talk at that time of the month. Doing it during the full moon has no apparent reason for us. It just convenient to put some regularity to some things and for once let the lunar cycle dictate us.

It had to be Meredel to remind me that around next month is already my birthday. I'm simply ambivalent when my birthday comes. I don't celebrate it coz I don't see any reason to do so. Not that I hate my birthday either. It's just so normal and too bourgeoisie to mark my birthday through any means.


I slept from 11am yesterday to 6am today.

I woke up at around midnight last night and I panicked at the thought of waking up and doing nothing. So I willed my self back to sleep.

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