Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Iron Curtain

Finally I'm getting enough sleep these past weeks. I mentioned in a couple of entries how it can get nasty hot in our present house. And for people like my sister and me who sleep in the morning, getting our fair share of good sleep can actually be arduous.

Then came our salvation in the form of a heavy, blue table cloth that we bought from the ukay-ukay shop near our house. We hung it (with another light table cloth for back up) on our expansive window. And our room is now as dark as night and we can actually sleep soundly. The heat is still there but not as bad as before. Definitely the darkness also helps.

I've never had so much sleep before, even when I was still in Davao and living a regular schedule. Now I can easily sleep for ten hours.

I never knew that by simply getting more sleep life can be a bit more... more nice(?). Hehehehe. It sounds trivial for some but my greatest issue since working on graveyard has been how to sleep properly.


To my friends in Davao who happen to read my blog... please read the entry of www.badinggerzie.blogspot.com. Please refer to the entry "Davao Part 3" or something to that effect. I'm just curious who DEEP VOICE is. I'm sure lovely Yolly would know. :)


Photo above courtesy of www.travelandleisure.com

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