Thursday, August 31, 2006

Memories in Pixels

God, I haven't traveled for the longest time. The last trip I took was to Baguio in June and since then I have been stagnating in the urban jungle. I desperately need to take one short trip soon. But soon is definitely impossible. I'm so poor as a rat right now.

In the absence of any recent travel, I'm posting here a few pics of some of my most memorable trips in 2005.

Taken in Dakak in May 2005. I took that trip with Grace and Michiko, which was actually an official business trip to Dapitan. Of course we sneaked into Dakak for three days where we spent most of our time in their large and deep swimming pool. I do not really find Dakak that impressing. If anything, it is manufactured. The sand is even imported from Camiguin, I heard. But the company was fun, fun, fun. Grace is such a trooper. This was already my second trip to Dakak with Grace. The first one (another "official travel") was a year prior to when this picture was taken. Farah was with us in that trip. We had a great time posing in front of the camera with Grace at the helm.

This obviously is at the foot of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, July 2005. This is such an obligatory shot for any tourist in KL. The trip was my first time abroad, which I took with Peter (our German consultant from MBC). We had a series of meetings with the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce for two days. After the meetings, we had time to go around the city. I took off alone, armed with Lonely Planet and a map because KL is very easy to navigate. I saw how KL beautifully preserved their old architecture while at the same time buidling such modern architectural wonders.

My second trip to Malaysia was in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in September 2006. This time it was for a workshop on culture with delegates from the Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia (duh BIMP-EAGA, sabay puke). I truly, truly loved this experience - especially meeting the all the other participants who had wonderful stories to tell. The facilitators were just as superb. We stayed in KK for a week but we did not have much time to go around the city. We stayed in the workshop the whole day and evenings were mostly spent at the waterfront for some beer (which are way too expensive!). We went to KK's only gay bar, which was more of a videoke place and nothing much. The picture above was taken in the surrounding area of Mt. Kinabalu, the highest peak in Southeast Asia. With me are Chris and Patricia. This was on our last day in KK. We took a bus ride to the Kinabalu National Park on a rather wet day my balls practically froze!

Taken inside the Suhoton Cove in Bucas Grande Island (near Siargao Island). This was one my most memorable trips ever. We took a six-seater plane from Davao to Siargao (in two hours!) courtesy of a, ehem, rich friend. With me were Daisy, Mickay, Amie, and Mr Friend (for delicadeza, let's not name him na uy). The tiny plane did not fly that high so definitely we had a good view of the towns, ricefields, marshes, and islands below. I had a great time taking photographs! Siargao on the other hand was not new to me anymore so I became the tourist guide by default.

Above are pictures from various business trips, namely (1) Philippine Business Conference, Manila, October 2006; (2) Mindanao ICT Congress, General Santos City, November 2006; (3) MinBizCon Launching, Zamboanga City, December 2006; and (4) Tawi-tawi, August 2005. One of my most memorable trips was Tawi-tawi coz I have been wanting to go there for the longest time. And indeed it did not disappoint me. The place was so island living and definitely peaceful.My previous job took me all over Mindanao, which is the best part of the job if you ask me. I was practically traveling at least twice a month.

And now I'm in this type of work that requires me to sit in front of a computer the whole day. No meetings, and absolutely no travels. Hay, I can only dream of traveling as of now.

For more pictures see my friendster blog.

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