Friday, September 01, 2006

Links Galore

It's the first day of September. Officially the "ber" months are here and everyone has the excuse to start the yuletide season. I am so ready to hear a Christmas song within the day.



Here are some links to interesting stuff I found on the internet today.

The new season of Survivor has divided the participants into teams according to race... or ethnicity (whatever the politically term should be). I find that really strange since I suppose people, especially the media, has looked beyond ethnicity long ago. Is this the new segregation? On the other hand, Survivor, and a lot of reality shows in America, has always been at least 80% white so it would be interesting to see some variety this time.

If you check the profiles of the contestants this season, there's actually a Filipino girl. And I'm suspecting that this other model guy (yummy I should say) is also a Filipino although his profile does not say so.

The new season of The Amazing Race is likewise as ethnically diverse as Survivor. There are a couple of teams who look South Asian to me and one that looks Oriental. I'm curious if their ethnicity would really affect their performance. At least they would have an advantage if the race (as in the competition) brings them to their native countries. But other than that, I have yet to figure out how the teams would fare.

But alas I don't have a television at home so I'd never find out how Survivor and The Amazing Race would turn out this season. Maybe I can catch them through YouTube in 3 months?


If you check my links list on the right, I have added a few other blogs that are interesting. I suggest you check The Sartorialist for yummy street fashion. Also check Jessica Zafra for her latest witty observations.

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