Monday, September 04, 2006


Back to the office after a satisfying weekend.

My sister treated me to The Devil Wears Prada yesterday (thanks a lot, bitch).


I'm so disappointed I did not read the book before watching it on the big screen, not that I'll ever have the chance to buy the novel anyway. So I've been waiting for this movie for the longest time and I am quite pleased with the film. Meryl Streep was total fun! She was icy, sarcastic, and a total bitch of a boss. She was far from hysterical but she still bites.

I realized in the opening credits that the costume designer is the same person who styles Sex and the City. And god, I was not disappointed with the clothes. They were delicious! I was gushing every time Anne Hathaway changed into some quirky clothes, especially in the montage where she was walking around Manhattan, transforming from one exquisite ensemble to another.


Last Saturday I stayed in the internet cafe watching some episodes of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 on YouTube. I was there for a total of six hours, which was like about 11pm to 5am! Now that I’ve went through all the six seasons of ANTM, I can only wait for the next season to be available onYouTube.

I heard Project Runway is also worth watching. But I'm afraid to start searching it on YouTube lest I get hooked. God, I'm so dirt poor these days I can't spend what little moolah I have on some faggotry!

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anmari said...

you're most welcome bitch


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