Thursday, September 21, 2006

By All Means...

... don't watch "Twilight Dancers".

Sarah, Teng, and I trooped to Gateway last night for the opening of the film in Manila. The cinema was packed with the Rainbow Coalition for yet another macho dancer film by Mel Chionglo.

I should've listened to Sarah that we watch "Scoop" instead. I would've even watched again "The Devil Wears Prada" had I known what an egregious film "Twilight Dancers" is.

I know Mel Chionglo meant it be a drama but Sarah and I were snickering and laughing the whole time. I'm glad we were not alone in our opinion because comments about the nasty parts of the film were spewing all over the place from the fags who knew what a good macho dancer film should be.

I don't even want to start listing all the bad parts of the movie. Just listen to me, stay away from it!

I heard it was initially rated X by the MTRCB. After watching the movie, I know precisely what the X was for. The MTRCB shouldn't have reversed the rating.

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