Monday, September 25, 2006

Scenes from the Weekend

Ok fine, this was not really taken last weekend. This was taken last Friday afternoon (kaya medyo weekend na rin yun, right?) at the office's clinic. This is how I'm going to look starting Wednesday. Chaka noh? I really don't want to wear glasses coz I hardly find them cute. But the optometrist insisted that I get a pair otherwise my eyes would detriorate further. I'm sure marketing echoz lang yun. Ako naman si gaga na naniwala. Quiver!

I was on The Sartorialist mode last weekend. My biatch of a sister (who I am now calling as Bitchova Sis on this blog) was a willing subject. Why not? Pretty ang lola no? And the skirt... yum!

My sister (Bitchova Sis herself), Don (her BF as pictured in a previous entry), and I went out of town yesterday. Actually it was only Bacoor, Cavite, which is pretty much Metro Manila's backyard. But it's still so out of town. Hahaha. We attended the birthday party of my uncle who turned 69. I took a picture of this thingy in their garden.

I ate quite a lot of shell fish from the party that my tummy is really upset right now. I hate the feeling!!! Ayokoh!!!

Don cooked pasta when we arrived at his house. This is the Bilbao sausage that my sister was slicing. Yum!

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Lyka Bergen said...

You look nice on your glasses. You look like Ivarluski Aseron. Smart ang datesh.

And your sis ha! I love her. Bongga!


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