Monday, October 02, 2006

Haggard, Haggard, Haggard!!!

This has been the worst 5 days in my recent life. After Milenyo ravaged the metro last Thursday, the city was drenched in darkness. Water was also cut off.

For some reason the imbeciles in Meralco could not restore power right away. A newspaper's headline this morning said that eighty-three percent of the city's electricity is back. Eighty-three percent my ass! I was on the MRT last night and noticed that much of Cubao and Makati is still in an abysmal state of darkness.

Dapat ko na yatang utosan ang mga tauhan ko na pasabugin na lang ang Meralco!

For the past days I've been fecthing water from the goundfloor. That means bringing a heavy bucket all the way to the fourth floor. I make about three trips a day. That's too much work for my frail body ha (echoz!).

Evenings are far worse. I'm reading with the aid of three candles. It's difficult to sleep without the drone of an electric fan.

I'm coming to the office today with my shirt all wrinkled.

This is too much!!! Haggard!

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