Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Last night after work I saw a stall selling pomelos outside our apartment. The stall is a regular in the corner but I haven't had any inkling to buy from the vendor coz I was skeptical of the quality of the fruit they sell.

I was however tempted to ask the selling price of the pomelo last night and was shocked that a regular sized fruit is only P20 per piece. That was really really cheap, especially in Manila! So pushing all my doubts aside I purchased one.

With the fruit in a plastic bag I asked the vendor where they got their stock of pomelo and she told me that they sourced it from Nueva Ecija. I was hoping that it was from Davao but if it's only for P20 I knew it had to be from somewhere nearer.

After dinner I peeled the pomelo. The first bite told me instantly that for sure I made a big mistake of buying from that stall. The pulp was dry and it had a bitter taste to it.The rest of the uneaten fruit found its way to the rubbish in no time at all.

Next time I have to make it sure that I only buy Davao pomelo coz without a doubt it is the best kind around (at least from the few varieties I've tried). Davao pomelo is juicy and sweet. At times I could eat a large fruit in one sitting. Make that two large pomelos in one sitting. In fact I can eat a pomelo the entire day and I would not complain at all.

It is one fruit that shuts me up. I love meticulously peeling it like it is meditation in itself. Layer by layer I unravel the pink pulp. I love dividing it into sections and suck the sweet juice, bliss exploding inside my mouth.

And no other kind of pomelo brings me to that plane of pseudo orgasm except the ones that come from Davao. It's pomelo season in Davao, I'm sure at this time pomelo stands are all over the city. They are not sold at P20 each, in fact they're a bit more expensive than in Manila. Definitely however they are worth your money.

I also love the Asian salad in Thai Ming (which I heard is closing down) that is made of pomelo pulp dressed in vinegar. Simple but divine.

While Davao pomelo is sold in supermarkets in Manila still they are priced like gold. On my trips, I remember that when I arrive at the Manila airport from Davao it is always amusing to see that for the first 15 minutes or so the carousel would spew crates and boxes of pomelo. It was like people were looting Davao of its precious fruit! Proof that nothing matches Davao pomelo even if the lesser kind is sold in every street in Manila.

I wonder who I need to give a blowjob to so I can eat a pomelo pronto.

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