Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dear Dwight

Time does fly so fast. I could not call you my little brother anymore. You are far from little now, you're even taller than me.

You have changed in a lot of ways. In you I see a very mature person, so different from the brat that you were when we were younger. I'm sorry if underestimated you changing. Now I see a very level-headed and confident person.

I am very, very proud of you. At times I feel that you are more mature than most people your age. And very intelligent too.

Turning 20 must be a great deal for you; very exciting too. Of course it should be because it's a transition period of sorts. It can only get better, life would.

As your older brother (ehem), I have three things to tell you. One, believe in yourself. Two, know what you want. Three, take risks. I hope that would help you make your choices in life, especially next year when you graduate from college.

Hence, I find it important to remind you what mommy and daddy have always taught us: respect people, be compassionate. That would bring you a long way.

I'm wishing you all the best in life.

Happy birthday, Dwight. I love you!

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