Thursday, October 05, 2006

Harsh, Harsh, Harsh...

My contract in my current office ends in November 15, which is about three weeks from now. I'm not sure if I'm going to be renewed because the office did not give me assurance of any extension. I knew that right from the start. So it's quite startling that in a few weeks I might have no job again.

Hay it's just so stressful thinking about it. I was totally depressed when I lost my call center job, not that I loved it. Having no income is bad enough. Thinking that it would happen soon makes me want to puke.

So for the meantime I'm looking around for jobs here and there. It's back to job hunting. Again, just thinking about makes me want to puke a hundred times. I totally abhor the helplessness when I'm lining up for an interview. At times it's even degrading, a feeling that I find very odd but could not help it nonetheless.

I'm so desperate for a more secure and high-paying job, I'm willing to be a waiter in Maldives. Right Sarah?


I'm taking life with so much discontent and restlessness. I always feel that there's something better for me out there but I could not seem to achieve them. I'm almost giving up so much of my plans and divert from them just so I have a sense that there's something happening to my life, which is full of underachievement and mediocrity.


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yot said...

i'm sorry to hear that yot


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