Friday, October 06, 2006

Scenes from My Recent Life

Finally I downloaded the pics from my cam, thanks to Sarah. I've accumulated quite a number of them but haven't had the chance to post here... until now.

Sarah and I were marooned in my house during Milenyo. With the power out, what better thing to do than some serious camwhoring?

This was taken during the height of the typhoon. I set the camera to slow exposure to maximize the light. This was taken right on my door with Sarah facing the light. I totally dig this picture, to think I did not even take a shower that day. I just love the strong light and somehow the t-shirt's tie dye design helped put everything just right.

This is another post-Milenyo picture in the middle of the power outage. I was bored to death so, again, camwhoring is only the best option at that time. I used candles to create the dark mood and set the cam to a very long exposure with the orange filter on. I just love how the shadows created contours on my face.

This was taken weeks ago during the 1st Philippine Blog Congress at Greenbelt 4. The one on the left is Teng and the girl is one of the participants (I'm sorry dahling, I forgot your name). I learned so much from that congress, especially on how to "monetize" this blog. But I have yet to seriously work on placing more ads, I could even hardly comprehend how to do that exactly. Oh well.

Last Sunday, the U.P. Maradjaw Karadjaw (UPMK), the student organization of Surigaonons in UP Diliman, had its gathering at the Sunken Garden. As usual, I was the photographer, hence my absence from the photo above. However, I totally dig this picture. I used the "twilight" filter of the cam to heighten the colors of the sunset. I also love frolicking in the Sunken Garden, which I absolutely miss.

The picture above of Teng and Sarah was taken last Monday. I was "directing" this "shoot" (ay feeling ANTM) and I was trying to make them believe it was some portrait for Vanity Fair. I don't know if the motivation worked well enough. Nonetheless, I just want to tell Teng and Sarah that they both rock!

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