Monday, November 20, 2006

The Chos Were Eliminated

I'm beginning to wonder... Does being polite (or nice) really suck sometimes?

That one was said by one of the Cho brothers, my favorite team in the current season of The Amazin Race (Season 10). I was watching last week's episode on TV in the weekend. In this particular segment where the contestants arrived from a train ride in Helsinki they had to hail a cab. While the other contestant cut in the line the Cho brothers chose to go the end of it and waited for their turn.

The brothers have been getting a lot of admiration for the ethcs they've shown on the entire race, meritting them the most popular among the teams this season. They have this alliance with two other teams and they always see to it that they wait for the lagging teams or perform together in some tasks so they can help each other as well. Hay, basta they are nice.

I was getting my updates from the CBS website and was disappointed to learn that they have been eliminated in Kieve, Ukraine. Arrggghhh... I just hate to see them go.

As of now, I'm not rooting for any of the teams anymore. Haggard talaga. The models are hot though but very antagonistic. The beauty queens are bitches. The other couple bicker like hell. The mothers are backstabbing cunts. Haggard!!!

I also learned that the Lopez couple have been eliminated from The Amazing Race Asia. And the good news is the episodes are being updated on YouTube!!! I so love YouTube!

1 comment:

Islander said...

personal view, being polite is boring. hehe. it cant get any hype.

i want the beauties in the top3 because theyre tough but i dont like the way they played the game lately. dont like the bama either because i dont think they like me too. hehe. ill go for the kewl models and robkim.


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