Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tuwaw (Cry)

I'm beginning to wonder... What's happening to my life?

Arrggghhhh!!! I received the dreaded letter from this agency where I took an employment exam a couple of weeks back. God knows how bad I want that job. It's the organization of my dreams, so to speak. Seeing the letter that practically told me I wasn't good enough for them simply broke me to pieces last night.

I saw my self-esteem plummet at an all-time low. I'm still grieving today in fact.

After college everything seemed really clear where I was heading. I even placed a time-frame to my goals. So far everything has been ok, but ok is not good enough. It has to be excellent; all the objectives had to be met at exactly the precise time, which unfortunately is not the case right now. I don't want to put in much details at this point because my shortcomings just depress me.

I want to take this in a mature manner though. There are simply plans and goals that do not go quite as well as expected. It does not mean it's the end of the world already although it does seem like it right now.

Hay, I'm just in a shitty mood right now. Everything's not going as planned. FAILURE SUCKSSSSSS!!! Nothing's going anywhere close to what I really want.

I hope I can get over this bout of depression. I always seem to get back based on past experiences though. I just need to get this out of my system for now and I'd be back to wearing my best pout soon.

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Islander said...

haha. well its gasgas to say that if youve failed getting what you want, God has planned something better for you. but i guess it applies.

its their loss anyway. find something else that will make you happy. *as if ako malipajon sa SCCI*

kawadjan said...

i'll take that advice. thanks. :)

jayclops said...

im jumping in the bandwagon as well.


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