Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Raw Dicks

I'm beginning to wonder... Why do I have a second entry today?

I'm bloody sleepy at work right now. That distressing letter did not really give me a good night's sleep. I kept on thinking about jumping from the window of our fourth floor apartment. Hahaha. Exaggerating cunt!

Sarah and I went "walking" around the UP campus last night after work. We haven't had any exercise since the Japanese occupation or something and we figured we need to lose some of the flab that have found its way at the most unlikely places of our body. Ok, count me out on that 'coz I actually need some flab. But Sarah has this thingie going on next month that requires her to wear some bikini (or whatever she can put on by then).

Back in college I used to jog around the campus, albeit on erratic occasions. The UP oval is a perfect place to do some jogging or, in our case, walking. It's well paved and the trees offer a magnificent backdrop. Ok, the boys are yummy too. Hay, there's no better sight than boys sweating it out. Right, Sarah?

After jogging, Sarah and I went to the UP Shopping Center for dinner at Rodicks. We prefer to call it RawDicks. Hahahaha. Appropriately enough we had skinless longanisa. Skinless is always better. Hahahaha. We are such green-minded cunts, aren't we? Allyson, the Diva from Cotabato, followed us at RawDicks.

We both went back to Philcoa (where Sarah lives) to change some clothes. Out came Sarah's pirated DVD of Lie with Me, a Canadian erotic film. Hay, erotic is maybe an understatement, it practically borders on soft porn. The horny fags that we are, we were were only watching the sex scenes. Constantly we were asking ourselves if they were actually doing it. The actor (he's actually on Six Feet Under) had a cute dick, that's Sarah's term ha, not Allyson's or mine who thought it was rather average. The last thing I want to see is a cute dick. Cute is boring, I want it mindblowing (I'm such a sex-deprived bastard!!!).

I slept in the MRT on the way home.

Ok, let's skip the part where I was reading the rejection letter.

I dreamt that I was held up while walking in broad day light. I willed my self to wake up, only to realize that my sister is knocking on the door back from work at 5:30 in the morning. I had a throbbing headache. I blamed it on that fucking letter.

I managed to sleep a bit in the MRT to work. My headache was stronger than ever.

After crossing the overpass I saw a police car with a group of cops standing around it. The next thing I know I was looking at a body of a dead baby on the grass right outside the guardhouse of one of the buildings of UP. It looked like a full-term baby. It was naked, as pink as newborn mouse. Its hair was matted. It looked peaceful, like it was sleeping on the curb. A cop covered it with a dirty shirt. Three seconds of having a sight of that baby on the ground was enough to shake me out of my wits. I was repulsed. Goosebumps were all over my body.

By the time I arrived at the office I had no energy to speak of.

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hala... kaluoy sa baby...


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