Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Florals and Stripes

I'm beginning to wonder... What is retail therapy?

Last Sunday, I finally downloaded the pictures from my camera. God, the pictures had been stored there for the longest time. Some of them are actually outdated I wonder why I still bothered to download them.

Being a professional camera whore I always find a reason to take a picture of my lovely self (duh) in any setting, any time. So when I was looking at the pics, I realized that most of the pictures that catch my attention are the ones in which I'm wearing some of my favorite ukay-ukay finds.

Of course I've mentioned several times that I breathe, eat, live ukay-ukay. For one, I'm poor. But more than that I simply love unique ukay-ukay pieces.

My loyal ukay-ukay bitch-in-tow is Sarah. Even back in Davao we've always been the more avid fags that keep on scouring Agdao, Bangkerohan, and Monteverde. Last week, on our way to our apartment - both of us feeling depressed - we stumbled upon an ukay-ukay shop. God, we all know the pernicious effects of depression and ukay-ukay mixed in together. We were like kids thrown in a large toyshop! We were squealing, we were running around, we couldn't be contained.

So Sarah left the store with three lovely, lovely blouses. And I grabbed a Mango jacket and a floral shirt. About the Mango jacket... oh yeah, it is Mango (for women, size 6), in rich khaki and very luxe indeed - perfect for Sagada! I had to tear off the inner lining of the jacket though because I could hardly fit in it. Hahahaha. It was tragic how I cut the thing into pieces, but I had no choice. I have yet to take a picture of the jacket and will do so as soon as it comes back from the laundry shop.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of the floral shirt (I know it's for women, but I'm a fag anyway). Sarah washed it for me that same night we bought it so that I could wear it last Friday.

Also below is a picture of me in my stripe shirt - one of my favorites recently. I bought this over a month ago at the Taft Avenue station of the MRT. I love stripes and they love me too (ok, enough of this narcissism).

And here is a picture of me in my skinny jeans (taken three weeks ago). The green sweater was given to me by Joyce (a former officemate and a dear friend) before I moved from Davao.

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