Monday, November 27, 2006

Vital Statistics

I'm beginning to wonder... What do numbers tell us about our health?

Yesterday, my sister and I were at the Mercury Drug Store right outside our apartment to buy some toothpaste. Most of you must've noticed this large machine that supposedly measures your height, weight, and other stuff that sits in the corner of the grocery area. I've always been curious how it exactly works but only had the time try it for my self yesterday.

So here are the (shocking) results...

First, I've not gained weight. All right, I have gained 3 lbs (65 kg) since the last time I weighed my self about a couple of months ago. Isn't that frustrating? I've been eating like hell, until I'd almost puke, for the past two months or so and that's all that I get? Three bloody pounds? All along I thought I've in fact gained considerable weight taking from the paunch I developed. Ugh!

Second, now based on the data above, the machine can also measure your body fat estimation. I registered a fat index of 12.3 percent and fat mass of 17 lb and 6 oz (7.9 kg). I have yet to see what exactly are the implications of such indices, but it does not seem normal again. Supposedly, the normal fat index is 14 to 20 percent, obviously I'm below that range. More so with my fat mass, which should normally be 9.3 to 14.3 kg. Surprise, surprise!!!

Third, given my height (5 ft and 10 inches or 180 cm), my body mass index (BMI) is 20.1 kg/meter squared. The normal BMI for my weight is between 20 to 24.9. At least that's some good news! For a change, something's normal about my statistics!

Fourth, and this is the most shocking... I'm HYPERTENSIVE! My maximum systolic is 143 mmHg and minimum diastolic is 74 mmHg. My diastolic is normal (thank god) but anything above 140 for systolic is already hypertensive. Argh! How bad can it get??? For somebody as skinny as me, I thought having hypertension should be the last of my concerns! But alas, weight does not have anything to do with it from what I heard.

Ok, I've been smoking lately and I drink gallons of coffee a day. I'm sleep deprived; I hardly have any exercise. Isn't that the perfect recipe for hypertension? It's bad enough that the disease runs in my family, so I have to address this health concern pronto.

Isn't it strange that it takes a bloody machine with the voice of a drag queen to tell me that I'm unhealthy?

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