Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I'm beginning to wonder... Who's more iro than me?

I love using the expression iniro. Iro in Cebuano means dog. In Surigaonon the term would be ido. Thea, a friend from Davao, introduced me to the term. It means almost anything stupid, being horny, and simply pagkakalat or pagsasabog ng lagim... or a combination of the three.

So these are the iniro that I've been doing the past days:
  • Friday last week... I skipped work in the morning to attend the graduation of Allyson, the Diva from Cotabato, as a congressional intern. It was held at the Dookit (ay Dusit pala) Hotel. Jose de Venecia, that bloody bastard, was in the activity. Uminit ang ulo ng lola mo! So Sarah and I camwhored instead.
  • Lunchtime I was in UP Diliman to do a few things with my diploma. It was also the Oblation Run. I saw men wearing ONLY masks. Unfortunately, because of the thick crowd I did not see anything else.
  • Monday... our office gave us this sack of... of... of things that I don't have any use for. I love the Lays and coffee though, but the rest I don't know what to do with them. We were also given a round piece of animal carcass that people like eating on Christmas. I think it's called a ham or something. My sister and I don't eat ANYTHING, so off it was given to her boyfriend.
  • After the ham issue... I met Daisy, my lovely friend from Davao, in Boni. It was fabulous meeting her and her son. I had some suha from her that I devoured like a famished construction worker when I arrived home.
  • Last night... Christmas party at Belinni's (tama ba spelling) in rowdy Cubao with former officemates from Davao. That's Rubenesque Sarah, Skinny Luan, and More Skinny Tenten. We stuffed ourselves with pizza and three kinds of pasta. I thought I liked the food last night. But thinking about it now, I wondered what it was all about. I have no memory of food, like any type of food. During the manito-manita thing, I received a pair of pearl earrings from Sarah. (Note to self: have my nipples pierced so I can use the pearls.) From the Marikina Shoe Expo we moved to Cafe Adriatico for some beer. Ay, did I mention we camwhored?
Pictures to be posted when I've downloaded them.

Photo credit: DP Challenge

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