Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Me? Person of the Year?

I thought Time Magazine's choice of YOU (as in everybody) as Person of the Year was pretty lame. How can they be indicisive about this thing? It's a tradition and a noble title at that to be simply assigned to all the motherfuckers who make their presence felt on the net. There are certainly amazing people who stood out in 2006, hmmm, like... I don't know, but there is definitely someone who generated some buzz this year. Choosing everybody else as its Person of the Year was pure laziness, if you ask me.

Of course my opinion above pretty much dissolved instantly when I went to their website and read through their rationale for the choice of Person of the Year. More and more I was convinced that practically everyone is making himself heard these days. There is no such thing as a single outstanding individual or a single contribution from anyone. Everybody is outstanding, everybody has a contribution. Everybody is heard and noticed. In the age of the internet, we all matter.

So pervasive is internet use that everybody can have their 15 minutes of fame. I can cite a multitude of examples among the bloggers, YouTubers, MySpacers, and whatnot that abound out there (but you go read Time instead by clicking here).

It's the ultimate democracy, the net is. And it has a huge and diverse universe indeed. Sometimes the things you find on the net are inane, sometimes they're profound, sometimes they're simply appalling, sometimes ridiculous. But at least people are trying to express their feelings whether they make a point or not. Having a point is relative anyway.

There's a revolution in the use of technology. More than expressing their thoughts, people are getting thier affirmation from and with others.

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