Friday, December 08, 2006

Model Behavior: Gretchen

I'm beginning to wonder... How do I get my hair to become cardboard stiff?

I was at the National Bookstore in Glorietta last night and totally went berserk when I saw this cover of the December issue of Preview Magazine.

So this is the famed shoot ha. I can smell Photoshop all over it! Let's forget about Ruffa. Those lips are way too large, they're freaking me out already. Besides she looks like a bloody alien! I love Angel Aquino. Well, she's a model so she has to be perfect. Dawn, well, those arms are way too skinny girl. Photoshopping has gone overboard with you.

And what do you think of their hair? Don't they look like cardboards placed on their heads?

Ay did I mention Greta? Oh, I love that bitch. Of course she's most smashing on the cover. God, I can't believe all the fuss they are making about her attitude in the shoot. Of course she's going to throw her weight around! She's a bloody diva, just the way we all want her to be. Those bitches are just jealous because they can't bring a bloody wardrobe and a chef, and boss around the stylists in the shoot. Hay, mga inggetera!

Basta, I'm all for Greta... she's fierce, she works it like she owns it.

If there's anybody who I really look up to the most it has to be her. Look, she was a pornstar, a virtual whore, and eventually rising to become the biggest kabit that ever stepped on Manila's soil. Which is totally the same path that I want to take! La Greta, I love you! We should have some coffee one of these days girl.

Photo Credit: (1) Kikay Exchange (2) The Joyride!

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