Thursday, December 07, 2006


Miguel is a bastard. Let's forget him na. Moving on...

(moi and lovely July in Baguio last June)

I'm so excited for my Mt. Province trip in about two weeks from now. I've not really worked on my itinerary yet. I gathered I need to reserve tickets for the bus, especially now that it's Christmas season. I might take the Baguio route from Sagada so I can drop by their famed ukay-ukay shops. Of course it'd be great material for the Third World Vintage blog (that you have to visit now!).

I read in the paper yesterday that the temperature in the north is not as cold as the previous years. To which I'm quite relieved because I was already scared that I could not handle the cold weather. But then, I was thinking if it were colder I'd have a better excuse to find someone to snuggle with. Oh, I know I'm slut.

(some wood relief thing I saw in a restaurant in Baguio)

There's still so many things to do for that Mt. Province trip. Again, I have no itinerary yet. I love planning trips and this one should be perfect. But then, I'm not even sure if three days (excluding travel) would be too long for me to be away from fucking civilization. Maybe I can make it in two days noh? A few pictures here and there would be ok. I hate mud pa naman, so I don't think I'd do a lot of hiking, much less go inside the caves. What is there to see in caves except nothing? It's dark kaya!

I have to invest in a good sunblock, that's for sure. I would hate Sagada for the rest of my life if it means I'd get wrinkles over a bloody trip to the mountains. I'm also beginning to plan my wardrobe. Of course it's important because that trip is one big excuse for a photo shoot for me. Hahaha. I have to look fabulous in every shot noh? Fuck, I have yet to find a photographer and I might spend so much cash paying guides just to take my pictures. (Why am I beginning to sound like Bryanboy in this post. Ok, tama na.)

More on the Mt. Province trip in the coming days.


rashidsmom said...

MIGUEL Who?!!?
I told you.. " no pain no gain", but then again there's also, "patience is a virtue." Which, my dear, you do not have :p

kawadjan said...

patience? eh mega wait na nga ako wala pa rin eh. so i have to make a move na. risky nga lang and as it tunred out it's not a successful operation. keri lang. sabi nga ni oprah, it's not the destination, it's the journey that's important. shet.


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