Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Faggotry on the Loose: Baguio Part 2

After Sagada, I took a six-hour bus ride to Baguio. God, my balls froze during that fucking ride… it was coooooold. But then again, the views were excellent, especially the sun rising from behind fog-capped mountains. Divine! Just Divine!

I arrived in Baguio before lunch. Since I had already taken a tour of the city in June I decided to head to Baguio's famed ukay-ukay stalls instead. I was blown away by the magnitude of the ukay-ukay industry in the city. However, I'd write about that in the other blog.

After ukay-ukay, I met Daisy and her son Kit at Café by the Ruins. I've heard quite a bit about the restaurant so I asked my way to find it. I had some pinikpikan, which was a disappointment. I was looking for more gore but apparently it only tastes like tinola. Shet.

We met Ging the Lovely (Diasy's niece) after lunch and went directly to shop at Maharlika (that monstrous building right in the middle of the downtown area) where I bought an uber gay scarf and a knitted vest. Next stop was the wet market where I bought Benguet coffee and some Arabica. Oh, did I mention I camwhored in the market?

In the evening, Kit, Ging and I had some tequila that tasted like rubbing alcohol. God, ano yon? So sleep ang bayot sa kahubog. I've never been good with alcohol.

The next day, Daisy, Kit, and I went to Mines View Park, The Mansion, and all the usual tourist destinations. I've been there before so it was nothing refreshing or anything. Tourists dominated these areas anyway. And those little human beings that squeal and cry and shout and throw tantrums were all over the place. Oh, yes, they're called children. Ugh.

The true highlight of my the Baguio trip was actually the Philippine Military Academy. I hate the military. They're cock-suckers (which make them no different from me). So I raised the faggotry factor five notches higher being right in the middle of the bastion of machismo. They do need a dose of good old queers like me once in a while, don't they?

Besides, we all love men in uniform. God, I felt like I was in a playground. I should visit the PMA more often noh?

But then... look who we found here! Bitches in uniform. Ewwww! Those cunts don't know what they're in for.

God, the paparazzis were following me all the way to the PMA!!! Buwahahahahaha.

I left for Manila that afternoon to see my sister for her birthday (29 December). I'd write about how my sister and I spent her birthday in an upcoming entry.

In December 30, I took a trip to Tarlac for Daisy's birthday the next day. I had fun with Daisy's kids and pamangkins. And the food... oh, the food. I'm so obese!!!

For more pictures... click here.

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