Tuesday, January 02, 2007

On My Sister's Birthday... We Turned Back Time

Dear Ate,

Happy Birthday yot.

You're someone I always look up to, especially your maturity. I admire the commitment you've made to our family and I continue to draw strength from that. I know mommy and daddy are proud of you.

I'm very happy that you've found bliss in your life right now. Don and you are blessings to each other. You are lucky to have him and it goes the same the other way around. I've never seen two people who are so made for each other.
You've got a great life ahead both of you.

I'm also happy that everything is going fine in your life. I know it's only going to get way better. I'm with you in all your dreams. As I always advised you... work it girl, work it like you own it.

Thank you for being more than a sister to me all this time. I'm so looking forward to discovering life with you.

I love you dearly forever.

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Anonymous said...

I think I like your hair long. Very cute. - Kyle


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