Wednesday, January 03, 2007

In the Year of the Baboy...

I was planning to write a major assessment of my life in 2006. But I balked at the last minute for sounding so redundant. I've discussed several times about my tribulations the past year, particularly moving to Manila… yada yada yada… blah blah blah. It can get tiresome in fact.

So I'm choosing to be more forward-looking instead and think about my fundamentals for 2007. Some people call it resolutions. However, I'd rather call it my perspectives. I don't go after targets, I choose to assume attitudes and take it from there.

I haven't seriously thought about these until now, nonetheless here are the perspectives that'd guide me through the year of the baboy.
  • De-center. Think more about other people.
  • Share. Give. Bridge. Reach out.
  • Be thankful. Complaining gets me nowhere.
  • Appreciate rather than criticize.
  • Be curios so I'd discover more.
  • Honesty has always been the best policy.
  • Reflect. Improve self-awareness. Listen more to my heart.
  • Balance: planning vs. taking risks.
  • There is no ther way other than self-improvement.
Let's see where this goes.

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