Thursday, January 18, 2007

Next Stop

Hmmm… looking for the next travel destination.

Right now, I'm seriously thinking of going to Palawan for the summer. But god knows how expensive that place is. Not to mention all the travel time given that I cant' possibly afford a costly plane ride. Oh well, I think that's going to be shelved for now until I can give enough blow jobs to earn me a good trip to Amanpulo. Small time lang.

Besides, what's in Palawan ba? I was looking it up on some people's blog and I can tell it's mostly beaches and caves. God, coming from Surigao, I have had enough of those bloody beaches and caves. Exactly how many beaches can one see? They all look the same to me. And has anybody heard of the dangers of sun exposure?

I have a trip to Dumaguete on March so lately most my travel energy had been focused on that. I was looking it up the internet as well and found out that there's not much to do there pala. It's all about its historical church, the bloody boulevard, and Siliman University. But really, it's less of a vacation and more of a family meeting.

My brother's finally graduating from college (so proud of him ba!). My parents would be there of course so it's a family meeting of sorts. I can't remember the last time all of us were together. Not even during the past three Christmases. It'd be the first time I'd see my parents and my bro for about a year. This should be exciting. The trip's pretty short one though, only a weekend.

After that Dumaguete trip, I'm thinking of going to the Pahiyas festival in Lucban. I'm really into these festivals (more than boring beaches as you can tell). If not for my poor finances I'd love to visit the Sinulog Festival this year (I have bittersweet memories of the city. I moved and fell in love IN Cebu for some time). Anyhoot, the Pahiyas would be easy as it is a few hour's road trip.

I also want to see Pampanga's heritage sites. I'm not sure what's in Pampanga actually, but I heard it has heritage sites of some sort. I'm also dying to see Taal in Batangas. I heard it's a great place to see old houses in. I can probably manage that as a day trip noh? Hmm… that should be interesting. More research on Lucban, Taal, and Pampanga then.

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