Monday, January 22, 2007

The Conversion of Cocksucker

I'm beginning to wonder… is one's past easily disposable?

I was with my uber college friend Meredel last Thursday to attend the birthday of J at Government. Meredel, J, and I have been friends since our university days and they are some of the few people from college that I still manage to keep in touch with. The appointed time for the party was at 9 pm; Meredel and I arrived at past ten. J was late as usual, a total of two hours for his own party for chrissakes!

Anyhoot, we saw E at the entrance of the bar. E is also a college friend although he's really closer with J, hence his presence at the party. The last time I saw him was during our college graduation so I was of course delighted to bump into him.

As far as I could remember, he was a fag. Together with J, they use to haunt Government, Bed and god knows what else. I was flabbergasted however when one of the first things he said last Thursday was how surprised he was with J's choice for a party venue. "It's my first time in this kind of place so I don't know what to do." Ugh.

The fag to moiself: Hold it bitch… hold your comments. Sabay kagat ng tongue, pout, and furtive rolling of the eyes.

In fact, I previously heard that E had a change of heart. He has crossed the other side of the proverbial fence, so to speak. From cock-sucker to cunt-eater. But I did not realize it also involved totally dismissing his past like last season's skinny jeans!

All right, I totally respect his decision to change camps. I'm not skeptical of these things. Man has reached the moon and beyond; and I think there are more impossible things besides changing sexual preferences. But to virtually spit on his former life was beyond me! What exactly was the repulsion for?

On our way out, again I heard E saying that Government was "just weird, it's a big culture shock."

The fag to moiself: Kalmutin kaya kita like right here, right now?

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