Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Do you know that I've been revirginized?

It's not devirginized ha. That one I've been through when my parents pushed me to prostitution at a tender age of two. Hahaha.

Revirginization is sort of the opposite of devirginization. It happens when you only have a faint memory of what intimate human contact is. It had been since World War II when you were gang-raped by the Japanese that you last experienced the pleasure of an orgasm. The Commonwealth passed and the Martial Law era had been over and still you have not been (willingly) exploited. Not even during the series of coups in the 80s. We had an economic boom, followed by the Asian economic crisis, and the arrival of the new millennium, and so on… pero wala talaga. Get the picture na?

So the objective of the moment is to get de-revirginized. I need some advice, parang awa nyo na (sabay tulo ng luha sa left eye… isang patak lang).

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