Friday, February 09, 2007

Ang Pagtatagpo, Bow

My younger brother's here in Manila for a field trip. He's studying I.T. at Siliman University in Dumaguete and last Tuesday he and his classmates arrived here to visit call centers, I.T. schools, some companies, and government agencies. I'm a bit skeptical about this "educational" trip because half of the time they spend it at Rockwell, Greenbelt, Greenhills, and MoA. They're even going to Tagaytay and Enchanted Kingdom for crying out loud.

My sister and I were happy to see him of course. The last time I saw him was over a year ago. He and my sister haven't seen each other for like two years or something.

God, he's obese... those were the first words that came into my mind when we picked him up at the hotel. Actually, he lost some weight already from the last time I saw him. But he's still bloody obese in my eyes (just like everybody else, probably unless they are Liya Kebede or Ai Tomiyaga or Jessica Stam). My sister said he's just big-boned. Fine.

Dwight is graduating in March, which explains my short trip to Dumaguete next month. He's planning to move to Cebu after graduation and work his ass off in some Japanese I.T. firm at sweatshop slash assembly line proportions.

The girlfriend is actually in Cebu, hence his choice for a city to work in. They've been together for five fucking years, an unimaginable length of time for a relationship if you ask me. Likewise, my sister has been with her boyfriend for about six years already. And the longest relationship I've had is eight months. I know, my siblings have boring lives.


anne said...

that's all

the sister

rashidsmom said...

or maybe you lead a boring life? did you even think of it in those terms? hhhmmm? lalaking in denial?

the friend of the gay guy in denial

kawadjan said...

i'm not in denial, i'm not in denial, i'm not in denial. (sabay hingal).


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