Friday, February 16, 2007


I heart Vina Morales.

When I was in high school I was watching a talk show that had her as a guest. I used to loathe her but that interview totally changed everything for me. She appeared very meek and grounded. And she is amazingly pretty. Since then I have been sort of following her closely.

She is one reason why I watch that mess of a show called ASAP on Sundays. The bitch can dance and sing like Beyonce, Britney, and Janet Jackson… rolled in one. When I was in college, I sneaked into ABS-CBN alone to catch Vina on ASAP. After the show, I milled around backstage, hoping to see her. Finally, I caught her walking briskly to the parking area, carrying her bags (as in no yaya), all sweaty after the show. She appeard short, but that lean body she has on TV looked incomparable in the flesh. I wonder if, like Madonna, her body fat index is also zero. And that face, sigh, she just is luminous.

An old Cebuana fan stopped her in the middle of the hallway to ask for an autograph. Also speaking in Cebuano, Vina complied and made a bit of chitchat with the fan. As in ang bait!!! It could've been my chance to tell her of my adoration but I was totally awestruck. I just stood there as my heart melted.

My friends regard it as a joke that I heart Vina (right Sarah?). They call her baduy. Basta deadma.

Next Saturday, she would have a repeat of her concert, Showgirl. I'm so dying to watch it. But I need to prostitute my self first before I can buy tickets. Shucks, I would give anybody the blowjob of his life if he can only give me front-row tickets to Vina's show.

I also heard she is on Flor de Luna, a new soap on ABS-CBN. I think indeed it is time to buy an antenna.

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