Thursday, February 15, 2007


"Would you ever do it with a girl?" I get this question quite regularly from friends. And I always answer it with a resounding NO WAY repeated fifty times. I often throw the question back to them; say if it were a male friend, I would ask him if he would do with a man as well. It's exciting to see the repulsion that immediately show on their faces.

That is exactly how I feel about having sex with a woman, total repulsion to the nth power. Like, I don't even have any idea how to touch a woman's body. Where do I start? And how do I fondle those monstrosities hanging from their, ugh, chest? I'm not even going to think about handling that thing down there that looks like a rotten piece of tahong. As in yuck, yuck, yuck, sabay suka on the side.

Two nights ago, I had the most major nightmare in recent memory. I dreamt that I was having sex with a woman - a classmate from high school. It's astoundingly graphic; totally detailed, I cannot even muster the bravado to describe it now.

I told Sarah and Ally about the nightmare and they gave me the same "analysis". Both said that I'm a repressed heterosexual; that deep beneath my subconscious is a straight man waiting to come out of the closet. Duh, like they're psychologists now ha.

Having been gay since god knows when, I'm so super sure that I'm gay through and through.

Wait, I did have a heterosexual stage. My first crush was a girl classmate in kindergarten. All the way through the early years of grade school I was attracted exclusively to girls. The first time I had a major crush on a boy was in Grade Five and I never looked back ever since.

Sarah and Ally, did u read that? EVER SINCE! Bading ako. Bayot. Binabae. Bakla.


Islander said...

hahaha! pwede pa jaon... remember panchang? she can do it. hehe

DATS said...

ey tnx for droppin my blog...nice post in here too! cheers!


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