Thursday, September 20, 2007


My body's sore from doing yoga for the first time in six months. But I'm definitely excited to be back to all the twisting and stretching and concentrating. It's an uphill battle though coz I'm virtually back to square one in terms of flexibility. I can't even reach my toes at all. On the other hand, I've retained much of my stomach strength as I can still effortlessly keep the boat pose for a couple of minutes or so.

My impatience often haunts me though. Many times before I've overstretched my self (but fortunately I've not been injured YET) in pursuit of exactly copying how the illustrations in the yoga books appear. Or in particular how Christy Turlington appeared on the cover of Vogue doing the bow pose. (How the fuck does she do that?)

Ultimately I need yoga to go with my swimming, which I'm starting again next month.

Photo Credit: (1) DP Challenge and (2) Religion Facts


Asian Models Blogger said...

I did yoga for about a year but was never really good at it. I could do all the pose nicely except the head stand. I think I'm too bottom heavy. :-)

kawadjan said...

great. indeed yoga takes a lot of patience and the headstand is supposedly the "ultimate" pose if you've sort of perfected the other "minor poses".

hi! thanks for visiting my blog. i'm such a big fan of your blog, so i'm flattered.


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