Monday, September 10, 2007

Kain Tayo!

Friday night I went with D and his friend to Telephone, one of Bangkok's popular gay hang out in the gay dominated strip of Silom 4. Telephone is more of a pub slash restaurant rather than a party venue. It appears to me that it caters mostly to tourists of a certain age (and weight... I'm sorry). So I wasn't really interested in even scanning the people. Instead I listened to the debate of D and his conservative gay American friend about queer politics in the US. Very fascinating.

The next day, I crossed over to the far side of town, Sukhumvit, to have lunch at the house of my German friend P and her Kenyan boyfriend. P and I met in a workshop in Kota Kinabalu two years ago (and that workshop was organized by my current office). I finally got a respite from Thai food as she served some pasta and cheese.

Saturday evening, I was brought much farther to the other side of town to this surreal gay bar, which, I should note, has no foreigner in sight. I was with N (some guy I met somewhere) and his friends. About ten minutes after we arrived, the song Shalala was played. I nearly died. I fucking nearly died. The place's music is purely horrendous. They were playing songs as old as, I don't know, twenty years or something? What decent gay bar still plays YMCA, for crying out loud?! And the people, who looked quite young, were actually having fun with the heinous music. The guys are not bad though, quite a lot of them were stunning. Drinking bottles and bottles of whiskey (goodness!), the crowd was bouncing all over the place in no time.

The highlight of my weekend was having lunch with two Pinays, L and I, at Mabuhay (what else?) yesterday. We had adobong pusit, pancit, and sinigang na manok. Yum, yum, yum. As they say in Thailand, pai kin kao (let's eat).


JT said...

p___g i_a!!!!
(excuse my french)

San vha yan???

kawadjan said...

korak, JT. di ko kinaya ang Shalalala. i wished i could kill the DJ right there. but no, nag-enjoy ang mga bruha! haggard.


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