Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Friends (Bangkok Love Story)

Opening on Thursday, 13 September, is Friends (Bangkok Love Story). From what I gathered, it is a gay-themed movie about an assassin who falls in love with his target (or something to that effect). I see the movie's billboards all over the city these days. Even the trailer is shown inside the Skytrain. I fucking love the trailer... the cinematography and the song in particular. Oh, I'm crazy about that song! It helps of course that the main actors are uber hot.

I'm posting the trailer below. Check it out and see what I'm talking about.

You can read more about the film in this blog called Bangkok of the Mind. The movie has an official website somewhere, too bad at this point I can't find it at all.

I'm definitely watching it even if I wouldn't understand the dialog anyway. If only I can pull someone to translate it for me.

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