Monday, October 15, 2007

Ang Pasko ay Sumapit

Last Saturday, I finally heard my first Christmas carol in this plain everything-60-baht store in the middle of Bangkok.

I've long expressed my abhorrence of the Christmas season, it's commercialism and gaudiness especially. Last week however, during lunch with an officemate, I blurted that I miss Christmas in the Philippines knowing that right on the first day of September one can already hear some Christmas carol until the last week of January (whew!). I tried explaining to my colleague how the yuletide season is celebrated back home, but I realized I could not give justice to a Filipino Christmas because I'm not really its biggest fan.

I know that to the majority of my countrymen Christmas is definitely the highlight of their year and it's that spirit that I cannot contain in words. Christmas in the Philippines is definitely something one has to experience to understand what the big deal is all about.

Am I missing Christmas? Hmm, maybe I am.

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