Friday, October 12, 2007

Are You "A" Gay and Other Amusing Questions

Are you A gay? I've been asked that question countless of times, not that I mind at all inquiries about my sexuality. But don't you find cute that lapse in sentence construction there?

I asked my sister once if she was ever mistaken for being Korean. I wonder where I got that idea that my sister REMOTELY resembles somebody who is from Korea.Everybody who knows how my sister looks like would make a thousand somersaults with the utter absurdity of the question.

But my all-time favorite question is: Are you a model? I wish I can say, "Of course I am dear. Didn't you see my cover on Vogue?". But nah, all I can do is go on coquet mode - flip my hair and giggle like a school girl. At least some people out there can see fucking POTENTIAL noh? These are the people that I shall forever remember and love.

So what are some amusing questions you've been asked?


elabona said...

When i was in Malaysia, I was asked "Are you thai?" hahaha..they are malaysians and they thought i'm from thailand.. funny..:)

kawadjan said...

ay totoo yan ela. here din i'm always mistaken for being thai.


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