Friday, November 30, 2007

Angkor, Here I Come

OMG, OMG, OMFG!!! Next week, not only am I going to see Angkor Wat and the rest of the temple complexes around Siem Reap, Cambodia for five days, but I'm also going with the Pranses. Yes, he told me last night that he is traveling with me.

God, we even haven't gotten married yet and we are already having a honeymoon!!! I need my ovaries pronto.

This is going faster than I thought and I'm more than fucking thrilled.


jt said...

O, pag matutulog na, eto ang sabihin mo in your best bedroom voice ...



kawadjan said...

RAPE ME. hahahaha. i love that.

pramis, ang haba ng hair ko ngayon. yun na.

rashidsmom said...

ang payo ko lang sa iyo binabaeng pokpok ay.... WAX! :)

i need all the details ha. i mean all.

kawadjan said...

wax? ano yun girl?

the details shall remain between the pranses and me. choz.


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