Monday, December 03, 2007

Fun in Siam

Weekend report...

Friday evening I went out with PJ and D to watch Beowulf at Central World. The film is ok, nothing much in fact. We three faggots had a ball (pun intended) trying to take a peek at the family jewels of Beowulf while he was fighting that monster. Unfortunately, cups, swords, and columns were strategically placed to block any sighting. Damn.

After the movie, PJ and I walked all the way to Luang Suang to have some drinks at this almost-purely-Thai gay place. It was a cramped evening and all the gorgeous men were in full force. What can be more perfect than that? Strangely enough, I caught sight of my first date in Bangkok (some four months ago). He and I chatted up a bit and I heard all the usual lies. The Pranses caught up with us at the bar... and of course I could not be more than ecstatic to see him. God, who knew he's such a good dancer pala? Plus points right there.

Right before 2 a.m. the Pranses and I moved to Silom where the crowd was even thicker: money boys, sex tourists, serious clubbers, friends, lovers, muscle Marys... the whole breadth of the gay rainbow in BKK was aptly represented. The Pranses and I found a spot in the midst of the chaos. Shortly before the bar closed, we moved to a 24-hour coffee shop to chat.

Saturday afternoon I went to the Chatuchak weekend market to buy a back pack for Angkor (yipeeee!), some sandals, shirts, and a pouch. Later in the evening I went to PJ's house to watch the tepid Miss World 2007, which Miss China eventually won.

Sunday morning I had to visit the hospital for some check-up coz I was developing some nasty colds, cough, and sore throat. I'm currently taking a cocktail of medicines but at least I feel way better.

From the hospital I was off to Big C to watch Love in Siam, a film that had been getting a lot of buzz because of its gay teenage love theme. Of course I was looking forward to it but was utterly disappointed to find a really dragging story. I did not even bother to finish it. [Today I heard my two colleagues raving about the film.]

When I got home I got a call from the Pranses and we agreed to meet in Khao San Road where we eventually had some drinks. I brought him to nearby Phra Athit park where we basked in the cool (oh I love BKK's COLD weather now) river breeze and with the magnificent Rama VIII Bridge looming nearby. This was followed by dinner in a restaurant across the park.

OMG, the Pranses is something. I love our conversations, he's funny and such a genius at the same time. I swear our babies would be the next Einsteins. For some reason we started talking about the stock exchange and offshore companies. Damn, I hardly understood what he was talking about but all I needed to do was stare at his deep eyes and drool. Again, I swear our babies would have very deep eyes, accentuated with the most amazing pout on earth. And oh, he has this cute accent that is a mix of French, Thai, and Chinese. Ok, tama na. Basta.



Rhea said...

girard!!! gosh! may love interest ka na ha!! sinong Pranses? pm mo ako! hhahaha :) chikadora ako eh. i wanna know! :) you seem very happy! yahoo!

kawadjan said...

hi rhea, thanks for dropping by. hay, today na ang alis namin for siem reap. masaya ito!!!

sarah said...

OMFG! someone is IN LERVVV!! hay naku you of all people SOO deserve this. Take it a day at a time my dear.. this just might be IT.

I love you and have fun in Siem Reap!

kawadjan said...

haler! di naman siguro pag-ibig ito. ang bilis kung ganon.


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