Saturday, November 24, 2007

J'adore Lumphini Park

We actually met again. Yeah, the Pranses. He has been the only person so far who wanted to have a second meeting. I couldn't be more excited, but also quite surprised. We had early afternoon coffee, talked about our impressions of the Land of Smiles, talked about politics.

At around 2 pm we moved to Lumphini Park, which is touted as Bangkok's Central Park. I've seen the park a dozen of times but I've never went inside it until this afternoon. In the park, we went around the lakes/ponds for a few minutes until we finally chose to sit on the grass by the water, under the shade of tall trees. We talked more about travel and art, and more politics. We eventually ended up talking about being gay in Bangkok and since he had been living here for about three years now he had more than a mouthful to say about how tricky dating can be in this city. I wish I had my notebook with me so I can take notes.

For a change, I had a "date" with someone who's very intellectually stimulating. It was refreshing to meet a man who was not there just to have some mindless hook up. Of course on my part I could not resist being drawn to his very deep eyes, but the great conversation pulled me back to my senses. Until he started lying on the grass. Damn, that was completely sexy, I was this close to stealing a kiss from him. I'm a slut, I know. So I asked him to sit back up and tried avoiding his gaze from then on so I could actually focus on what we were talking about.

Slowly the sun set. Some people were releasing these small floats in the lake for the Loy Krathong Festival. On our way out we saw the full moon rising behind the tall buildings that surround the park. I've never had such a satisfying "date" with anyone... EVER.

And oh, he proposed that we take a trip to Koh Samet, an island three hours from BKK, when he comes back from Toulouse, his hometown, after the New Year. How sweet is that? But do I actually believe him? Ugh.

We agreed to meet again soon. Of course I don't count on it that much. They all say that. But for what the afternoon in the park was worth, I had a great time.

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