Friday, November 23, 2007

Lust, Lust

Ang Lee's latest masterpiece, Lust, Caution, finally opened in Bangkok yesterday. And it's about time coz I've been waiting for the film for the longest time now.

I love, love, love it. Where do I start? Well, the first thing that really captured me was the actress Wei Tang, who sustained a cunning portrayal of a woman torn apart by her political views and, well, her lust. She just ensnared me. That bitch can have a million expressions on her face ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Divine, divine. Tony Leung delivered the goods of course, ditto for Joan Chen. The gorgeous Lee-Hom Wang however was a distraction. I did not see in him the passion that supposedly possesses revolutionaries. Meanwhile, the costume was resplendent - cheongsams, coats, suits and all.

The big disappointment of the evening however is how the movie's sex scenes were completely carved out of the film. And it's one aspect of the movie that really created a lot buzz ha. But dahling, I did not even see a fucking nipple, either male or female! Censorship, I don't get it.

Anyhoot, I still loved the film even if it dragged on for what seemed like three hours, even if the hadahan was cut, even if I would have loved to see Lee-Hom Wang naked.


Lookie, lookie, I finally got a pair of skinny jeans last night. Oh my, I've long lusted for skinny jeans, which are widely, and I mean fucking widely, worn by Thai men. While waiting for the film screening, I walked around the shopping mecca of Siam Square and I landed in this tiny booth that had those irresistible skinny jeans. I know, it was an impulsive purchase, a thing I hardly do. But I could not resist it. It was divine, it was cheap (only 600 baht or 830 pesos, and the average price in most stores is over 1,000 baht), so I simply I had to buy the pair.

I'm soooo going to blend in with those gawgeous Thai men now, no?

Please tell me it's bagay.


And oh, I finally met the daddy of my kids last night. I swear I'd move mountains to have his babies pronto. We watched the film together but since it ended rather close to midnight we only chatted a bit. It was such an innocuous "date", if I can call it as such. But it definitely holds some promise (drama queen kicking in).

Oh shit, somebody please teach me how to say I want your babies now in French.


sarah said...

you asked for it, you got it! Je veux vos bébés maintenant. OMFG! you actually look Hot ha..

kawadjan said...

hahahaha. saan mo naman na-research ang french na yan? sige, i'd memorize it. merci moi cheri.

jayclops said...

Bitaw Gi, I got a pirated of Lust, the sex scenes was obviously cut out. Pero when it was shown in Manila, I think wala man gi-censor. Jessica Zafra, for one, was talking about how the sex was integral to the movie.

I think kadtong akong nakita (obviously taken in a theatre) was from Hongkong or China coz ang subtitles Chinese or something. I read somewhere that they purposely re-edited some scenes because it would really look dab. I, too, felt unsatisfied watching that "cut" version.

kawadjan said...

hay haggard jay no? it's unfair coz all these censorship are taking so much from the intricate art of filmmaking. if it was only sex we wanted we could've rented a porn video instead. but i heard nga the edited scenes were as important as the other parts of the film. sigh.


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